Nursery Minibus Leasing

Nursery Minibus Leasing

Minibus Leasing Deals for Your Nursery Business

At Nursery Minibus Leasing , we understand that everything a nursery does, and all equipment it owns, is subject to scrutiny and must comply with the highest of safety standards.  It makes sense therefore for you to consider the option of one of our nursery minibus leasing deals for your nursery if you are looking to transport children on off-site educational visits for example.

Your business image is also important to you and it’s likely that you already have your own logo and colours.  Within your budget, we can arrange your graphics to be designed and installed before you take delivery of your new nursery minibus.

As the minibus will be brand new, it will comply with the latest safety requirements. Should you require anything, such as bespoke conversions, we are more than happy to assist.

Leasing Advise for the Nursery Minibus Leasing

If you have never leased a vehicle, we know it can appear complicated; this is precisely why our minibus leasing advice is honest and fair. Additionally, we have strong working relationships with the main leasing funders in the UK to ensure our prices are always competitive.

Further, we are always monitoring and researching the market to ensure we are at the very forefront from an information perspective; if there are any legislative or rule changes we will inform you.

In order for our team to assist you, we need you to provide some information including:

  • What size of vehicle you require (including how many seats for Nursery Minibus Leasing);
  • Your annual mileage;
  • How long you require the vehicle for; and
  • Whether you require a maintenance contract or not.

We do always advise that our nursery customers elect to take advantage of the full maintenance contract, so that they are covered for all routine servicing, tyres, exhausts and road fund licence. This peace of mind package means you benefit in terms of safety and reliability and of course certainty of cost. We understand that you need to operate and maintain your business, so do feel free to let us manage your fleet.

Understandably, you might also have other queries, such as who can drive the vehicle, driving licence requirements or reminders for servicing and safety checks. Simply let one of the team at Nursery Minibus Leasing know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Of course, if you have anymore questions about Nursery Minibus Leasing , we’re more than happy to help. Our friendly and helpful staff are only a phone call away on 028 7122 8822 . Or contact us online here.