Wheelchair Accessible Minibus Leasing

Wheelchair Accessible Minibus Leasing

Car Lease 4 U Wheelchair Accessible Minibus Leasing , has a range of Wheelchair Accessible Minibus and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for sale with numerous seating plans and optional extras, ensuring that your exact needs are met.

We listen closely to your requirements and have years of experience in building wheelchair vehicles, disabled vehicles, disabled minibuses and wheelchair access vehicles. We also offer a range of used wheelchair accessible vehicles including wheelchair accessible transits for Wheelchair Accessible Minibus Leasing

From single rear pod conversion for one wheelchair including ramp and set of clamps, all the way to a fully M1 tested flooring system that can hold up to 5 wheelchairs for Wheelchair Accessible Minibus Leasing

We will custom fit the wheelchair access to your requirements, whether it’s a vehicle for yourself or a full Taxi ⁄ Private Hire conversion.

We can offer various options for clients, including features such as:

  • One wheelchair spots with a removable chair;
  • Multi-wheelchair spots for bigger minibuses;
  • Non-slip flooring;
  • Ramps – full width or telescopic;
  • Lifts – Inboard or Underfloor;
  • Wheelchair restraints.

As we work with a number of the leading vehicle funders, we can offer a number of solutions for you, such as:

  • Contract hire – lease the vehicle for a fixed period of time and simply return upon cessation of the contract;
  • Finance Lease – lease the vehicle for a fixed period of time and at the end of the contract either refinance the vehicle, sell it or part-exchange it with us;
  • Maintenance Contracts – include the cost of all servicing, maintenance, tyres and breakdown cover within your quotation ;

We deliver nationwide and provide service, warranty and repair options that are local to you. We also offer Minibus Finance, Minibus Leasing, Minibus Hire Purchase and Minibus Contract Hire ensuring that we meet your budget.

To find a suitable Wheelchair Accessible Minibus Leasing Search for a Minibus form above. Alternatively please call 028 7122 8822 to speak to our sales team.

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