How do I know if car lease explained is right for me? Are you the type of person who likes to change their car every few years…?

Leasing Explained

If so, then ask yourself a few simple questions:

  1. How much did you spend when buying your last car?
  2. How long did you keep the car for?
  3. How much did you sell the car for?

To work out roughly how much your last car cost you per month, let’s do some simple arithmetic: [what you spent] minus [what you sold it for] divided by [number of months you owned it]

Of course, you’ll also need to add the cost of any road tax that you had to buy during the time that you owned the car and work out how much interest you paid out (if you took out a loan), or how much interest you lost (if you took the money from a savings account).

And the costs and inconvenience don’t end there; when you finally sold the car, how long did the process take and much did you spend on advertising. Even worse, if you part-exchanged your car, how much less than the market rate did the dealer offer you.

On balance, when you add everything up – the costs, the hassles, the inconvenience – and you look at what you could have leased for the same money or less, you have to ask yourself: “why on Earth would I ever buy a car again…?”.


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