When I return my vehicle, what will count as fair wear and tear

When I return my vehicle, what will count as fair wear and tear?

When you lease a vehicle, you have a responsibility to look after it and return it in as good a condition as possible.

At the end of the lease, a representative from the finance provider will collect your vehicle and check its overall condition. All damage will be recorded, and in the event that the vehicle is returned in poorer condition than ‘fair wear and tear’ allows, you may be charged.

The same fair wear and tear rules apply for business and personal customers, although there are three different guides for different types of vehicle:

  • Cars
  • LCVs (light commercial vehicles including vans and minibuses)
  • HGVs (heavy goods vehicles – those over 3.5 tonnes GVW)

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) – the leasing industry’s trade body – provides general guidelines as to what constitutes fair wear and tear. These independent guidelines ensure the rules are clear, easily understood and fair for everyone involved.

How to prepare for returning your vehicle

If you’re reaching the end of your lease contract, taking the time to prepare your car or van properly for inspection could be the difference between paying a penalty charge and not.

Naturally, it is impossible to cover every single form of damage but the tips below should help give you an idea of the minimum return standards expected and how you can rectify any damage you find.

  • Be honest – Be as objective as possible and ask a friend to help you by providing an honest opinion
  • Choose a good light – The finance provider will inspect your vehicle in natural daylight so you should do the same to avoid missing faults, dents or scratches that may otherwise be difficult to see otherwise.
  • Inspect your vehicle when it’s dry – A wet car will make it much harder for you to spot scratches and dents. If the car has just been washed, or it has been raining, make sure it’s dried thoroughly before inspection.
  • Ensure your vehicle is clean both inside and out – Water marks and dirt can mask bodywork damage and all interior upholstery must be stain-free
  • Ensure any personalised number plates are removed – Drivers should liaise with the finance provider in plenty of time to ensure that any personalised number plates are transferred from the lease vehicle to a new one prior to collection

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