The New Mercedes X class pickup

The New Mercedes X class pickup

Mercedes-Benz now has a pick-up truck. The New Mercedes X class pickup is here but how you reacted to that news rather depends on your point-of-view. Was this Mercedes, a premium car brand known for its executive saloons and luxury SUVs, arriving in one of the most utilitarian sectors of the market with a rebadged Nissan Navara? Or was it Mercedes, a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer that already builds various tough off-roaders, including the G-Class , adding a pick-up truck to its light commercial vehicle range to sit alongside the Sprinter and Vito?

For now, the X220d gets a six-speed manual transmission as standard, while the X250d receives a seven-speed auto. Both get selectable four-wheel drive, but next year’s V6 will have permanent four-wheel drive and a revised seven-speed automatic gearbox. All models get a low-range gearbox with the option of a locking differential. The New Mercedes X class pickup

The The New Mercedes X class pickup can tow a 3.5-tonne trailer and transport a maximum load of 1,067kg in a load bed measuring 1587mm by 1560mm.

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One of the key changes Mercedes has made to enhance the quality feel of the X-Class is with greater sound-deadening to mask what is otherwise a fairly coarse commercial vehicle engine.

Of the power outputs currently available, the X250d is certainly the better matched of the two, with the X220d feeling slightly underpowered even in an unladen vehicle.

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For motorway driving, where The New Mercedes X class pickup will likely spend much of its time, 187bhp is sufficient and, with the seven-speed automatic gearbox, it feels every bit the capable, comfortable cruiser. The New Mercedes X class pickup

The hydraulic steering is unusually light for a commercial vehicle – another indication of the softer target market – and is initially quite unresponsive and slow. This, however, is not a negative characteristic and actually benefits The New Mercedes X class pickup while off-road.

Multilink coil spring suspension front and rear give the X-Class a far more comfortable ride compared with its leaf-sprung rivals and, while driving at speed over rough gravel tracks you’d think the X-Class is a mid-range SUV rather than a ladder frame chassis working vehicle. The New Mercedes X class pickup

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