What is a Maintenance Package

What is a Maintenance Package?

When you lease a car you will be asked if you would like to take out a maintenance package.  Here is the our Guide to maintenance packages to help you decide if it is something you will need …so What is a Maintenance Package

When leasing a brand new vehicle you will have the security of the manufacturer’s warranty.  These warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but will generally include any mechanical or electrical faults that occur within a certain time period or certain mileage.  A maintenance package covers routine servicing and maintenance and is an optional extra on your car or van lease.  When you lease a vehicle with Car Lease 4 U, the company funding your lease could be one of 5, as we will always try to find you the best price across funding companies.  Each funding company will have their own specific terms that apply to maintenance packages but as a general rule each will include the following;

  • The cost of your routine service as per manufacturers recommendations
  • Replacement of wear and tear items including,What is a Maintenance Package
  1. Wipers
  2. Tyres (subject to conditions)
  3. Bulbs
  4. Brakes
  • UK breakdown cover
  • MOT test if required over the length of your lease

The following are NOT included in maintenance packages

  • Windscreen repair, although most insurers include this so it is wise to check your policy
  • Damage of any kind due to misuse or an accident
  • Insurance costs
  • Damage due to misfuelling

If you have opted to take out a maintenance package your funder will send you a welcome pack that will include all the numbers you need to book a service or replace tyres etc.  If you need any help we are always on the end of the phone so do give us a call!

The benefit of a maintenance package is it covers all routine servicing, maintenance and wear and tear with a fixed monthly rental.  This spreads out motoring costs into manageable chunks, so there is never a large bill to contend with.  The cost of a maintenance package will vary due to the type of vehicle, length of lease and the mileage covered.  To work out if a maintenance package makes financial sense for you, we suggest working out the overall cost of your maintenance package, then comparing it to the price of servicing and replacement items such as tyres, bulbs and wipers on your chosen car over the duration of your lease.What is a Maintenance Package

Of course, if you have anymore questions, we’re more than happy to help. Our friendly and helpful staff are only a phone call away on 028 7122 8822 . Or contact us online here.

What is a Maintenance Package